Start a new career.

So you want to start a career in detailing and valeting?

A career in detailing and valeting can be extremely rewarding. As an independent detailer, you can look to set your own hours, have the freedom to express your talent in a marketplace that appreciates the results, and expand a hobby or interest in vehicles into a profitable business that you can either grow into an empire, or allow to tick over and support you financially.

The phrase we hear most when people, just like you, approach us for a friendly chat is;

“I want to learn how to clean and polish cars”

That’s only around 60% of the job though. To run a successful business, you need to know much more than just the day-to-day labour requirements of “how to detail”. Insurances, regulations, safety – both for you and your customers, problem-solving, and management skills – for accountancy, customers, and business…

There’s a lot to take on when starting from scratch, and some can find it overwhelming when starting a detailing business.


Our Courses

UK Detailing Academy’s career courses are designed to help you cope with the whole business, not just the fun part. Everyone teaching here has started and run various businesses in the industry for a collective 40+ years, so we know what you’ll experience, what challenges you’ll face, and what you will need to know to grow. More info

Our courses are designed to deliver the whole package, and with fully illustrated guidebooks and ongoing support when you need it you’ll have everything you’ll need to grow a sustainable and successful detailing business from the ground up, and a resource to turn to when you need help.


What are my next steps?

These started before you even came to this page. You’ve decided you want a change. A career. A step up from a passion into an income. Truthfully though, apart from assessing the financial viability for yourself, you shouldn’t do anything significant until you come on our Level 1 course. This is the point you stop thinking and start making it a reality.

Whilst you’re with us, you’ll develop your business model, work out your target market, hone your brand and work out details such as pricing structures and delivery methods. You’ll have some coursework to do to help you refine it further and by the time you take your Level 1 exam, you’ll be ready to go, confident in your new skills and settled in a flexible business model you can adapt to your market. More Info…

What assistance do you offer?

We’re always on the end of the phone, or on email, or messenger to help with queries on anything you’ve learnt or need advice on. We can point you in the right direction for suppliers, insurers, business assistance or association memberships. We recognise that not everything will be second nature for a good few years – hence why we break our courses up into modules and refuse to offer one-week “master” courses.

There’s no time limit on our help, and if we don’t know the answer to something we know somebody who will – the benefit of so many years in the industry means our network is pretty vast. Our resources section is open to all to give you tips, information and tools to try new things and expand your business further.

That’s us. UK Detailing Academy. We’ve been here since 2016 here to help bring new businesses into this constant growth industry, and we want to help you achieve your goals the same way we help every candidate through our doors.

Need to know more? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through any aspect of our courses, with zero obligation, and honest unbiased advice.

Our Latest Courses

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