Level 1


Launch your Detailing Career.

Are you ready to kickstart your detailing career on the right note?

Level One is tailored for individuals on the brink of entering the detailing industry or those seeking to revamp, upgrade, or refine their existing skills. Our primary objective is to provide you with a solid foundation in vehicle care, spanning from initial assessment to an entry-level of machine polishing, ensuring the establishment of a thriving and reputable business from day one. Delving beyond the basics, we jump into essential business practices and safety protocols, encompassing crucial areas such as pricing strategies, targeted marketing approaches, client acquisition, SDS comprehension, and environmental compliance.

This course is not about simple car washing techniques. We offer a comprehensive system of methodology to empower your new detailing venture for success, equipped with resources to navigate any challenges along the way. Included in the package are a complete course guidebook, ongoing support, and certification exam fees, ensuring a seamless journey towards proficiency and success.

The Level 1 Course is available in two variations: the standard vehicle-focused course or a specialised motorbike-focused alternative.

Additionally, for those looking to diversify their skill set and broaden their market appeal, we offer the Level 1 + Motorbike course with a bolt-on day dedicated to bike detailing knowledge and instruction.


Available start dates are highlighted in the calendar below and all days are one-to-one for a complete instructor-trainee focus, so can be booked to suit your schedule.

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Level One is designed to cater to individuals who are either embarking on a career in the detailing industry, in its early stages, or seeking to rejuvenate their existing skills. Our goal is to acquaint candidates with the intricate processes and upkeep of vehicles from both a professional and business standpoint, laying the foundation for proficient vehicle cleaning techniques from the ground up, and extending to the adept handling of dual-action machine polishers.

Throughout the course, participants are taught essential business practices and safety protocols, delving into vital aspects such as pricing strategies, marketing tactics, SDS comprehension, and environmental compliance. The comprehensive coverage of these topics on the first day ensures seamless integration of theory into practical application within real-world scenarios.

Level 1 offers specialised tracks, focusing either on car detailing or motorcycle detailing. Alternatively, candidates can augment their training by opting for an additional day dedicated to Motorcycle Detailing as an addition, seamlessly integrated into the Level 1 Course.

Key modules covered include:

  • Washing & decontamination techniques
  • Selection of wash media
  • Environmental considerations
  • Effective drying methods
  • Removal of bonded contamination
  • Comprehensive wheel care
  • Treatment of glass and hard surfaces
  • Engine bay sanitation
  • Preservation of vulnerable surfaces
  • Enhancing efficiency and refining processes
  • Emphasis on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety protocols
  • Considerations for clothing and optimal working practices
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Understanding chemical properties
  • Proper setup procedures
  • Interior detailing expertise, including leather and soft surface care
  • Application of fillers/glazing
  • Introduction to dual action machine polishers
  • Identification and rectification of minor defects
  • Understanding various paint types
  • Application of Last Step Products (LSPs)
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Techniques for conflict resolution and exemplary customer service
  • Financial management insights
  • Insight into insurance policies
  • Guidelines for pricing and quotation
  • Essential business administration practices
  • Importance of memberships and networking
  • Leveraging social media for business growth
  • Manual handling guidelines
  • Ensuring safe working practices
  • Pre-work inspection protocols

Each level of training is accompanied by a comprehensive course booklet for easy reference, acknowledging the substantial amount of information covered.

Practical assessments are integrated into the training session, followed by a manageable series of case studies and exercises to reinforce learning over a three-month period.

Subsequently, candidates undergo a brief externally assessed exam before considering the optional progression to Level Two, ensuring thorough comprehension and addressing any identified areas requiring further support. Upon completion, candidates are awarded Level One certification, providing the option to advance to subsequent levels or apply the acquired skills with ongoing assistance and support.

Course Length

3 Days (0930 – 1600)

Group Size



UK Detailing Academy, 2 Purlieus Barn, Ewen, Cirencester, GL7 6BY

Experience / Qualification

Open to all

Refreshments or Lunch

Refreshments included

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