Choosing a Training Centre

It’s one of the most important considerations when starting a new venture, or investing in your business, so what makes UK Detailing Academy stand out to help you begin your new career, or grow your existing business?

Why choose UK Detailing Academy for your training?

It’s in the name…

When looking for a training provider, you will find there are many detailing companies out there who offer “training” as an option, at seemingly low prices. UKDA take a completely unique approach which sets us apart.

We approach from the other direction, being entirely a training centre for detailing skills and career development. We do offer occasional detailing services to select customersunder our original sister company because if we didn’t, we’d get out of practice and wouldn’t have the chance to learn and test new equipment and developments in the industry, and also because we love doing it still – but when you come to us for training, you are coming to a fully equipped detailing centre designed to deliver high-quality courses which benefit you and your business, not just shadowing a detailer as they do their work.

Our courses are designed around you, the learner, to give all the information needed to complete a task to a professional standard. We don’t claim to make you a “master detailer” in 5 days, because that isn’t how skill development works.

We give you all the theory knowledge, practical demonstration, and hands-on guidance to complete what you need to at that point in your business model. We then illustrate it in a packed guidebook for you to reference as you complete work in the real world.

For some courses you will follow up with coursework to cement and further develop the knowledge, and we encourage you to keep in touch for support or guidance when out and about working at any point in future. We then add to that knowledge in further courses so there is a strong foundation of knowledge to build on – so you understand not only how, but why techniques work as they do, and how to adapt them.

We want to see success stories from our graduates, so if you need to take things slower, or spend longer on certain details, our courses adapt to this. Our experienced trainers are just that – trainers. The distinction is important, as not everyone who is good at detailing is good at teaching detailing. We have invested in including training psychology and methodology within our course structure to ensure you leave us with the knowledge that you need to progress and succeed, and the confidence to use the skills effectively going forward.

Panel Demonstration

Not just practical skills.

Around 60% of a business is knowing how to do a job correctly. The other 40% is knowing how to promote it, how to charge for it, how to deliver it and what needs to happen in the background to make it a success.

Whilst a lot of what we teach is practical, we offer business skills as both standalone courses and as part of our syllabus, to ensure you know all the ins-and-outs of detailing business management, something most have to find out the hard way through trial and error experience.


Many manufacturers will offer an “accreditation course”, which effectively amounts to a paid-for sales pitch with an ongoing discount. Accreditations you can receive at UKDA are selected for their skill merit and value to the business. They all involve hands-on education in not only the products, but their overall safe and effective usage, with skills transferrable to other aspects of your business. All accreditations are tested and created to give a structured learning framework and offer qualifying badges which have meaning to both your business and your customers.

When you choose your training provider, we hope you will see how much more UKDA can do for you than any other detailer training course available, but if you are still unsure please do give us a call for a no-obligation, friendly chat about your requirements, and we can give you some advice and options to think about. We don’t hard sell courses, and we only want to attract attendees who will genuinely gain valuable knowledge from us – our reputation is more important to us than our bookings calendar.

What do you offer?

We have a huge range of detailing courses available, from one-day skill events you can take as part of a group or individually, to longer-term career investments which take place at intervals in your business growth to build your company as you learn and earn. You can see a full list of our courses currently available along with dates, booking information and full descriptions here on our All Courses page or navigate via the career, Skills, or Accreditation menu options at the top if there’s something you’re looking for. If you’re still not sure – get in touch and we’ll be pleased to assist.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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