Resources for our students to use, both for detailing and business skills.

Managing Expectations is a balancing act, with a range of barriers pitentialls standing between what a customer wants, and what can be delivered.

Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations in the Car Care Industry.   The most successful detailing businesses are not the ones that deliver exactly what the customer asks for, but deliver the best possible outcome with a balance of

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TDS Topics

Whilst it seems extravagant, using low solids water will give you a much easier time when washing vehicles, especially over the summer months when the sun can play havoc with washing conditions, and could save you hours in clearing up dried water marks and drips

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Psychological Pricing

  Psychological Pricing Strategy   It sounds devious and sinister, doesn’t it? But psychology is both a basic and an advanced pricing and sales tool, which can be used to great effect to help simplify

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How Do I… Work out fixed costs

It’s imperitive you know these both when you start your detailing business, and you keep on top of the costs regularly once you’re up and running to ensure you’re covering your costs.

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Upselling your services

It’s not a dirty word, upselling is a crucial tactic in increasing business turnover. Where many go wrong is upselling the product they want to sell most, rather than the product the customer needs.

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What products should I use?

Choosing which products to use as a professional involves completely different criteria than it does as a home enthusiast – we highlight the issues you should be considering as a professional.

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There is always a lot of confusion when starting out using the variety of chemicals in the car care industry regarding what pH actually is, and how it affects the chemicals we use and the surfaces we use them on; so we thought it could be useful to put together a brief guide on what it is…

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