Skill Courses

Learn2 is our range of detailing skills courses. Ranging from business and marketing to practical detailing modules, these skills will aid your business to grow, improve and expand.

Learn 2 includes detailing skills such as motorcycle detailing – a less tapped market and one which can be hugely profitable, with the right knowledge of handling, products and technique.

Machine polishing instruction is perfect for those who have either never gone down the correction route with their business or have stuck to one style of machine – either rotary or DA and want to enhance their skillset and customer offering with the latest machines and equipment, taught in a risk free and easy to learn environment.

Business and Marketing is ideal for new starters looking to launch on the right foot with compliance, insurance, tax advice etc all available to learn, but also for established businesses who have started to stagnate – it’s easy to do and sometimes a fresh look at your plans and setup can be the spark you need to grow to the next stage!

Add new specialist services to your portfolio, enhance your skills, & broaden your customer appeal. Learn2 is all about new skills and business growth. From Wetsanding, to Business and Marketing, social media, and machine polishing skills every Detailing Skills Course in here is designed to make your business more successful.

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