History of UKDA

UK Detailing Academy is the result of a collective vision of four detailing collaborators, to provide meticulous and structured detailing training to an unregulated industry. Boasting a combined experience of over 42 years in the detailing and care care market, we are leading the way in structured and effective automotive care training. We constantly update our course offerings as new technology and methods come to market, boasting some of the world’s largest brands as suppliers and supporters, promoting the highest standards and the best possible learning experience for all attendees.

Our Mission

Since 2016 we have aimed to eliminate the issues we commonly see with detailing instruction, such as product bias, self-serving promotion, and “have a go” detailer-come-trainers. Courses are designed from the ground up to give you all the information and skills you need to grow and excel in your career, using the latest techniques, chemical knowledge, and equipment. We focus not only on the practical skills, but also on understanding the theory that underpins those skills, enabling our graduates to self-assess issues and challenges which may arise, and solve them in a logical and informed manner.

We also offer a range of business and marketing courses that complement the technical foundation, and are crucial for the commercial success of a car care operation from social media, to business management seminars.

Demonstrating Paint Depth Gauges

Our Goals

Our main aims are:

  • To enhance a career in detailing as a recognised career path for school and college leavers.
  • Unify standards across the industry with the goal of a nationally recognised detailing qualification framework.
  • Provide a clearly identifiable badge of quality the public can use to identify those who truly excel at their career – over those just on the bandwagon for a quick buck.

Our Latest Courses

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