Career Development

Career Development Courses are ideal for both established and up-and-coming car care professionals looking to start a detailing career.

All our detailing career courses are based on structured and organised learning modules, designed to make learning easier and more holistic. Detailing career courses are accompanied by an illustrated guidebook for ongoing reference, and our instructors are on hand by telephone or email to offer any assistance or advice on anything learned in the course going forwards.

A detailing career skillset is not something we believe can be picked up in 5 days or less. It takes practice, skill and dedication to achieve what some would term a “master” skill set. This is why we advise around 3 months in between courses to allow you to develop what you have learnt in a practical environment. You can accellerate this or leave it longer if needed, but the only progression barrier for your progression is a short online test which is included in the cost. This allows us to identify any areas you need to spend more time on either before or during your next practical courses sessions.