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Combining the two initial levels of our syllabus into a condensed 5-day period, this course has been meticulously designed to cater to the demands of individuals travelling from distant locations, including those seeking international detailer training.

At UK Detailing Academy, we firmly advocate for structured learning over an extended duration as the most effective approach to vocational education. This conviction underpins our disagreement with the concept of so-called “master detailer” courses that promise comprehensive training within just one week. We believe that such a short timeframe is insufficient to cover the breadth and depth of essential information. Nonetheless, we understand the challenges that some face in terms of logistics and finances.

In consideration of these challenges, we have introduced the option to book Levels One and Two of our detailer syllabus consecutively, accommodating those travelling long distances. Participants are required to complete coursework and online exams for both levels to attain our certification.

For further details regarding the syllabus of each course, please refer to the course description below, and the core syllabus notes on their respective course pages.

Please note that Mondays are the only available start day for this 5-day course. Additionally, if you wish to utilise Paypal Credit for booking this course, kindly get in touch with our office as it exceeds the advertised maximum payment limit, which we can discuss and organise a solution for.


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In response to the demand from individuals travelling long distances or from international locations seeking comprehensive detailer training, we have crafted a solution by condensing two levels of our syllabus into a convenient 5-day course.

At UK Detailing Academy, we advocate for structured learning over an extended period as the most effective approach to vocational education. This stance is why we oppose the concept of purported “master detailer” courses that claim proficiency in just five days. However, we acknowledge that logistical and financial constraints may deter some from pursuing separate courses. Hence, we have introduced the option to enrol in Levels One and Two of our detailer syllabus consecutively for those facing such challenges. Participants are still required to complete coursework and online exams for both levels to attain certification – for further information on the individual courses, you can click the link above each below to show the individual course pages in a new window.

Level One:

This level is tailored for individuals newly entering the detailing industry or those seeking to refresh their skills. The primary objective is to acquaint candidates with professional vehicle maintenance practices from a professional business perspective.

Topics covered include complete vehicle cleaning and decontamination techniques, introduction to paintwork enhancement using dual action machine polishers, business practices, health and safety protocols, chemical knowledge, pricing, marketing and more.

Level Two:

Building upon the foundational skills acquired in Level One, participants delve into advanced machine polishing and cleaning techniques, and specialist services. Topics include an in-depth exploration of various machine polishers, pad types, compound grades, exterior and interior detailing, advanced chemical knowledge, defect identification, and more.

Both levels include a comprehensive course booklet for future reference. Practical assessments are conducted during the training sessions, followed by a series of manageable case studies and exercises to reinforce learning over three months. An externally assessed online exam ensures thorough comprehension before awarding Level One and Two accreditations.


While attending each course separately is recommended for better information retention, our combined course offers a practical solution for those facing logistical constraints, providing a solid foundation for a successful detailing career and business.

Course Length

3 Days (0930 – 1600)

Group Size



UK Detailing Academy, 2 Purlieus Barn, Ewen, Cirencester, GL7 6BY

Experience / Qualification

Open to all

Refreshments or Lunch

Refreshments included

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