Level 3


Level Three represents the ultimate stage of learning within our professional development courses, dedicated to elevating your expertise to the highest standard of advanced detailing skill. This level encompasses a diverse spectrum of techniques, including rotary polisher methods, machine wet sanding and refinement, and a comprehensive understanding of SMAT and DAT polishes and compounds, and their efficacy in enhancing efficiency and correction on various paint types. You’ll also explore a wide array of pads and equipment, including nano polishers and attachments.

Mechanical training covers part and trim removal, and jacking across multiple vehicle styles, facilitating thorough access for deep cleaning of vehicle arches and components. Moreover, you’ll delve into the intricacies of specialist finishes on materials such as carbon fibre, GRP, and gel coat, with detailed demonstrations and explanations provided.

Level Three is the endpoint of our detailing syllabus progression, and can only be undertaken with prior module completion.

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Level Three is designed to elevate your detailing expertise to the peak of excellence, encompassing a comprehensive range of advanced techniques and methodologies. This level delves into the intricacies of rotary polisher techniques, machine wet sanding, and provides a thorough understanding of SMAT and DAT polishes and compounds. You’ll gain proficiency in utilizing a diverse array of equipment, including pneumatic polishers and sanders, as well as further work with nano polishers and attachments.

Mechanical training extends to parts removal and jacking techniques across multiple vehicle styles, facilitating deep cleaning access to vehicle arches and components. Specialised finishes on materials such as carbon fiber, GRP, and gel coat are thoroughly examined and explained.

Key topics covered in Level Three include:

  • Advanced Dual Action and rotary machine polishing techniques
  • Glass polishing methods
  • Under-arch cleaning procedures
  • Advanced cleaner chemistry applications
  • Effective time management and planning strategies
  • Trim and seat removal techniques
  • Comprehensive interior detailing methodologies, including cloth type considerations
  • Mini/nano machine polishing techniques
  • Wet-sanding procedures
  • Utilisation of advanced pad types
  • Handling of GRP, carbon, and insulative substrates
  • Badge and trim removal protocols
  • Texture levelling techniques
  • Show preparation processes
  • Application and troubleshooting of ceramic and polymer coatings
  • After-care protocols for coatings
  • Utilisation of fillers and glazes for show-quality finishes
  • Business management and administration principles
  • Implementation of safe working practices
  • Proper vehicle lifting techniques including ramp and jacking procedures
  • Workshop planning and organisation
  • Advanced chemical knowledge for detailing applications
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Gloss meter usage for precise measurement
  • Proper utilisation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Principles of employee management

Upon completion of the training and ongoing assessment, engagement with case studies and exercises will prepare you for the Level Three exam. Upon successful grading, you will be awarded our prestigious Level 3 Detailing certification, signifying mastery in advanced detailing techniques.

Course Length

3 Days (0930 – 1600)

Group Size



UK Detailing Academy, 2 Purlieus Barn, Ewen, Cirencester, GL7 6BY

Experience / Qualification

Completion of Level 2

Refreshments or Lunch

Refreshments included

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