Training Partners

UK Detailing Academy is proud to partner with some of the top brand names in the industry to deliver quality training and accreditation in the correct, efficient and safe use of products.

Flex - Flexperts Accreditation

Flex Power Tools is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality Machine polishers in the world. Their machines are by-words for professionals, and from their PE14-2 rotary polisher, widely acknowledged as the best detailing rotary on the market, to their now superseded VRG 3401 innovative gear-driven dual action and cordless machine range, they are the most innovative company when it comes to bringing the latest tech to the detailing machine market.

Flexperts is their professional accreditation standard, aiming to bring efficiency and technique optimisation to the professional network, and goes further than any other accreditation to demonstrate the points of safety,  professionalism and finishing standards, to push its holders above the competition.

Colourlock Accredited Leather Technician

Colourlock, the OEM supplier to manufacturers such as Mercedes, VW and BMW, is widely considered a world authority on leather repair and recolouring. With the number of new vehicles fitted with leather or imitation leather at its highest ever, leather repair has become a must-have skill for the accomplished detailing studio. UKDA has worked with Colourlock to create an intensive two-day tutorial in all aspects of automotive leather repair, from simple bolster wear repairs to splits, aged leather, and colour matching with their scanning tool.

The Colourlock accreditation allows holders to demonstrate their extensive training from the best in the business, coupled with the confidence of full manufacturer support and guidance on any and all issues which may arise.

Zvizzer Family

One of the most exciting and innovative manufacturers, German polishing house Zvizzer is the professional choice when it comes to pad and polish technology. UKDA has been using the system since 2019 and is factory trained to deliver this exciting range and revolutionise the way you correct and refine vehicle paintwork, both in finish and efficiency.

More than just a brand, Zvizzer create. The Thermopad system allows faultless performance for longer, with extended pad life and consistent result without heat affecting the pads, and the polish system is generally recognised as the best in the market, with the highest concentration of abrasives and oils possible in a compound system. Performance products across the refinishing industry, with solutions suitable for detailers, body shops and finishing lines.


Trade Association Assessment

The Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association (PVD) was founded in 2012 and is a not-for-profit trade association for independent car care professionals based in the UK. The lengthy accreditation process involves, among other elements, a written theory exam and two practical tests – which collectively form the PVD Assessment.

UKDA has been closely involved in developing and delivering the PVD Assessment, both from our training centre in Gloucestershire and in locations around the country. We offer refresher courses for candidates who want to prepare for the assessment, as well as those who failed the assessment the first time around. We also offer the assessment on a 1-to-1 basis for those who do not wish to join a group day, with a PVD representative present to invigilate.


The International Detailing Association is a leading global association for professional detailing operators, suppliers, and consultants to the industry. The association is dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services, the recognition of professional detailing as a trade, and empowering detailing industry professionals at each stage in their careers.

The IDA provides excellent opportunities to connect with industry peers, leading manufacturers, and other professionals. IDA events are held throughout the year across the globe.

Membership benefits include educational and professional certification programs; best practices and business tips; and access to resources and information unattainable without an international network of professional members.

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