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Detailing Efficiency: our Top 5 Tips


The end is nigh. In a good way though…

Lockdown is slowly drawing to a close, and a great many of us in the detailing industry who have been forced to close up shop will be getting ready to reopen and chomping at the bit to do so. With the opportunity for a new start, comes the opportunity for a change, so we’ve put opur heads together and come up with our 5 top  tips to increase efficiency, for those who want a fresh start when their shutters go up, or perhaps struggle with juggling multiple tasks…






We’ve mentioned the concept of kaizen before – the tidy-shop tidy-mind principle which improves workflow and functions, but it really is critical. Organising your chemicals or tools on a trolley and replacing them each time so you don’t spend 30 seconds looking for something every 2 minutes really does add up to combat wasted time. Saving yourself 30 seconds every 5 minutes will put yourself nearly an hour ahead by the end of the day…


Repeatable, Methodical Processes.

No matter the car, the framework work-flow principle is the same. Have your mental checklist set in stone and work to it.

If you complete every job in the same order you’ll develop speed with familiarity. By all means adapt to a situation, but keep your work process the same, and your efficiency will follow as you mentally find ways to accelerate a process.




Delegate time for admin work.


Two to three times a day, allow 20-30 minutes to stop and answer emails, return phone calls, invoice customers, update your social media. By not breaking up manual workflow with admin workflow you’ll aid your concentration, knowing there is a set time for these tasks. It will also give you a break to prevent a task becoming monotonous.


Experiment (safely)

Become familiar with your compounds polishes and chemicals, and find exactly what their limits and strengths are, this way a product choice will come more naturally.

Take the time on a slow day to practice on your own vehicle or scrap panels with different combinations, pads, speeds and machines, as not all compounds respond the same to different machine styles and media. Discovering a combination that works twice as fast… well you can work out the time saving.



  • Make

  • A

  • List

Making a physical list of tasks on longer jobs will remove the chance of missed jobs, and help concentrate your mind on the overall finish. Even add small tasks to the list, but always complete a big task first and try to alternate so the list moves on in fits and starts.

Your brain will deal with a broken down list far better than a haphazard approach and studies show that motivation increases with a clear path to completion.



Small changes. Potentially big results.


Even implementing one or two of these in your daily work will reap benefits. However you do it, good luck reopening and do let us know how you get on!


And remember if you feel your business needs a bit of direction or coaching, our Business Course is the perfect tool to help hone and perfect your operation and is taking bookings now.

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