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New Strings

There are a few other options which generally suit an existing detailing business – PPF, PDR, alloy wheel refurbishment, SMART repair, Wrapping, Window tinting – but by far the most natural addition seems to trend as Leather Repair. And for good reason.

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Have your costs risen?

It’s easy, especially when you been running for a while to let swathes of time pass assuming you’re still covering your costs based on your calculations a year or two back – or was it three…? With a raft of running costs potentially increasing over the next few months, it’s probably having a quick tot up again to make sure you’re not working solely for the love of the job…

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Leather Colour Matching

When you get involved with any type of leather repair, you will find that a correctly matched colour will make any job a thousand times easier to complete satisfactorily. However colour matching still evades many who are otherwise perfectly sound and trained leather repairers, and it’s an omitted skill which can cause the most issues.

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When is the best time to start a detailing business?

When’s the best time to start?

Is there ever a “best” time to start a business?

Best is very subjective. For some, the “best”time is when they’re fed up with their current job and want a change, for some it’s a long planned out strategy based on market trends and careful saving to realise their dream career.

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Course spotlight: Wetsanding

    Sanding is quite an advanced detailing skill, but one that’s easy to pick up once you know the basics and rules. The key, as always, is practice and more practice. With regular group

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