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When is the best time to start a detailing business?

When’s the best time to start?

Is there ever a “best” time to start a business?

Best is very subjective. For some, the “best”time is when they’re fed up with their current job and want a change, for some it’s a long planned out strategy based on market trends and careful saving to realise their dream career.

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Course spotlight: Wetsanding

    Wetsanding is quite an advanced detailing skill, but one that’s easy to pick up once you know the basics and rules. The key, as always, is practice and more practice. With regular group

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What are you selling?

It’s quite an important question, as it can be what separates you from the crowd when turning a potential customer into your customer. What NEED is your customer looking to fulfill by using your services?

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Sapere aude

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” means “who guards the guards”, and it’s relevant to this blog as there is often the question asked in detailing:
“who trains the trainers”. Someone should be keeping an eye on us after all…

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Remotely educated

  Why do we only train face to face…? We get numerous requests for remote training every week, usually from people around the world who just can’t justify travelling to a different continent to receive

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What products should I use?

Choosing which products to use as a professional involves completely different criteria than it does as a home enthusiast – we highlight the issues you should be considering as a professional.

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There is always a lot of confusion when starting out using the variety of chemicals in the car care industry regarding what pH actually is, and how it affects the chemicals we use and the surfaces we use them on; so we thought it could be useful to put together a brief guide on what it is…

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Say What Now?

SWN: Sealant by Machine

Hand finish Sir?     “You’ve got to apply it by hand, or…  it’s cheating?” Wait… Why shouldn’t you apply a sealant by machine??! You will forgive this slightly reactive missive… In response to a

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