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Health & Safety for Detailing Businesses - Tom Humphries

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Very pleased I went on this course!

Rich expertly produced & delivered a Health & Safety course, which sparked off from an issue I had with a main dealer refusing to pay unless we’d provided risk assessments.

Obviously as a business owner (new & evolving), we don’t know everything and it’s sometimes hard to find specific information, whether it be guidance or actual law on stuff like HSE & employment etc, and Rich jumped on a video call with me & we sorted out my issue.

1000% recommend any detailing business to get on this course, especially those who are (or are planning to start employing staff members, especially within physical location, or if you’re letting staff work by themselves on a client site unattended.

Accidents can happen, but don’t leave it until one does happen to start action, in my case I’m glad it was someone else’s company policy that opened my eyes to what I need to do as a business & as an employer!

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