Setting the Standard

At UK Detailing Academy we use our key experience in training to do things in a different, better way, than others have before. We go to great lengths to provide a safe environment for students to learn safe and flawless vehicle preparation and enhancement. This ranges from ensuring all our risk assessments are up to date, to having an extensive set of insurance policies to cover all aspects of the services we offer, from Public Liability to Professional Indemnity, and everything in between – boring perhaps, but necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of our staff and course attendees.

One key area where we differ from most other training facilities is the vehicles we train on.

We do not use customer vehicles, we do not use trainees’ vehicles – with the sole exception of our photography course -, in fact we only use vehicles procured by us for of training on. Whilst they aren’t glamourous, some don’t even work very well, they are a completely safe space to learn on with no repercussions to the trainee should they get damaged. We also have stacks of panels,  car parts, and car seats for when it’s easier to demonstrate and practice on a specific material away from a vehicle so you get a full picture of whats going on beneath the surface.

When it comes to training, particularly skills such as wet-sanding and machine polishing, there is always an element of trial and error. We want trainees to feel comfortable enough to push the envelope, and the process of pushing too far is just part of the learning journey so you know before you should stop. With this in mind, you can understand why we don’t want trainees using their own vehicle, or indeed anyone’s treasured vehicle. Questions can start to arise such as;

  • If I damage this car, am I liable? Is it down to my insurance to fix it?
  • Am I learning to push products as far as I can ,or are the training wheels being left on for others benefit?
  • Is the training centre charging people for cleaning their car, in the time I am paying for?

When you come to train at UKDA, we want you to learn to detail any car, not just to detail the car in front of you. Our emphasis is 100% on creating the best environment for you – not our own convenience – and this is one of the many things that separate us from the part time teachers. So, when you see people being trained on their own or customer cars, ask yourself, if such a simple principle has been ignored, what else has been neglected?


If you’re considering a career in Detailing, want to expand your existing skill-set, or just want to learn more about car care, have a read through what UK Detailing Academy can offer, and get in touch.

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