Are Group Courses Restarting?

It is immensley gratifying to see how many are getting in touch with UK Detailing Academy to request places on our group detailing courses. It validates that our unique approach to training is one enthusiasts and professionals enjoy and truly benefit from.

Since lockdown ended and we began the process of safely restarting courses for those looking for a career in detailing, or those wanting to improve their detailing skills. We have been operating a balancing act; how to deliver our courses safely vs limiting the risk to those attending the courses.

From sending out information to previous students on writing their own risk assessments, to operating a strict hygiene policy internally and limiting building access during training events, we have looked to open up gradually as it becomes is safe and responsible to do so – regardless of the approaches taken by other businesses or how well they are capitalising on the situation.

As we are writing this, the summer’s virus lull and return to normal seems to be waning. With infection cases growing once again worldwide, we must once again take stock of the safety and well-being of those we welcome throught the Academy’s doors.

One to one courses will continue as they have since lockdown ended and there is no change to our existing policy – if we are open, the courses will continue go ahead. If we are forced to shut temporarily, courses can be moved or refunded as requested, so there is no booking risk. We are confident in our ability to safely manage and control our facility to deliver courses with minimal risk to all.

We planned to begin operating limited group courses from mid-September for all manufacturer, enthusiast, and Learn2 courses. However, after consultation, we feel that the risk to all concerned remains too high.

Whilst this will disappoint many, we feel that disappointment outweighs the potentially devastating impact of an infection sprouting from a hurried return to mixed groups. To counter this disappointment somewhat, we will soon be making courses previously available as a group only day available on a one-to one basis and at a discounted rate from our usual one to one day tariff for courses booked before the end of October.


Obviously, we hope we are able to return to a group course structure sooner rather than later, so we will constantly re-evaluate the situation as it develops over the weeks, and should anything change we will make an announcement here and on our social channels.

Keep safe, and get in touch if you have any queries.


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