New 201 Enthusiast Course


June 2021 sees the launch of another all new group day, this time for enthusiasts.


The UKDA 201 group course is an advanced detailing day catering to hardcore detailing enthusiasts. We skip more basic wash and care topics covered in our Detailing 101 Course  and Classic 101 course, and jump straight into steps for a full correction, restoration and coating a vehicle. We’ll touch on a bit of leather repair, and finish the day going around your vehicles to identify issues and advise on solutions. This does require a bit more knowledge and experience with the basics of car care, such as those taught in 101, so if you’re not sure if this course is right for you or if you want to check the required skills, just give us a call at the office, or send an email in and we’ll be happy to advise

for more information, see the full course description page.



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