Course date rescheduled

Due to a calendar clash with an event we’ve been asked to hold, we have had to push back the course date for our new Foliatec Caliper course to the 24th March. If you are already booked on, we will have now contacted you regarding the change so you don’t need to do anything. If you’ve been looking at caliper painting as a new revenue stream, now’s the time to book your place! This has also meant we have pushed our Classic 101 Enthusiast day to the 21st of April, which is frankly much more civilised in terms of potentially nice weather !

About the Foliatec Course

This course shows you how to refinish brakes to a high standard from start to finish; tackling the fundamental safety and setup knowledge to work on vehicle brake systems in the e most efficient way, removal of component parts prior to painting, preparation, finishing and refitting for all common brake setups – including electronic handbrakes – with some notable uncommon ones too.

Foliatec is probably one of the world’s best-known names for aftermarket styling. Their consumer range has for years dominated auto factors, and with their new professional range of caliper paints, together with UK Detailing Academy, they will take you through all the steps necessary for a perfect finish which you can then market to your customers under the “Foliatec Professional” branding.

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