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Quick Tip – Removing adhesive residue from glass

Residents parking permits, old tax disc holders, or even dealership stickers – they all can leave an annoying sticky residue on glass after they have been removed. To get rid of this, we have put a little guide together to help you through the various processes safely and efficiently.

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Risk Asess Covid-19

Risk Assessing a return to work

With the lockdown beginning to lift in parts of the UK and a sense of normality starting to return, many detailing and valeting businesses will be looking to restart and get back to work. Before

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corona virus under a microscope

Valeting with Covid-19

What steps do valeter and detailers need to take during a virus outbreak? We’ve given our answers to three popular questions valeters have about valeting during the Coronavirus outbreak below.

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New Flexpert

Flex’s Flexpert Approved Detailing Partner scheme is pleased to welcome it’s newest member, David Reed of DAR Detailing

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Flexperts - Peter Davies

Flexpert added

Flex’s Flexpert Approved Detailing Partner program is pleased to welcome it’s newest member, Peter Davies of Design by Detail

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