Risk Assessing a return to work

With the lockdown beginning to lift in parts of the UK and a sense of normality starting to return, many detailing and valeting businesses will be looking to restart and get back to work.

Before you do, and to help assess your readiness, it’s a good idea to write out a Covid-19 risk assessment, to see what steps you can take to make your business as safe as possible.

It shouldn’t  take long to put together, and doing so will help keep you safe, and reassure your customers you have put a plan in place to protect them, as well as you and your staff.

If you’re unsure how to lay out your risk assessment, you can download this sample sheet, and Rich talks you through the steps below in our Returning to Work video.


We have also produced a series of printable posters for your workshop:
Handover Procedure
Distancing guide
Hygiene Procedures

Points to follow:

Identify – Assess – Manage


Identify points at which you come into contact with other employees and customers, surfaces which are frequently touched by more than one person, confined areas more than one employee may need to work in and potential exposure to clients upon vehicle collection.

Also consider third parties which could be affected by a return to work – vulnerable family members of employees, and vulnerable customers should affect any business restart decisions.


Assess the risks these situations present, and see if there are steps you can take to reduce exposure or contact.

This could include facial masks and extra sanisitation steps, altering work patterns to reduce employee contact, and products used as a last step to protect the customer from cross contamination.


Implement the changes with clear instructions to employees and visitors.

Inform customers of the steps you have taken and any risks still present, along with advice for collection and handover.
Ensure sanitisation steps are taken with the use of check sheets and signage for those not familiar with the new systems.

Stay Safe.


Risk Assessment COVID-19

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