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If you’re not, or you never have been taught how to machine polish correctly, but picked up and developed your technique in bites of information from videos, forums and articles, it’s a bit like making dinner from what’s left in the fridge on the day before a shop. You’ll have potatoes from one night, fried rice from another, maybe a yoghurt, leftover pizza and that jar of mango chutney with an unclear expiration date… Yes, it will make a meal and fill you up, but it’s not quite… right.



You’ve probably heard all sorts of “rules” about polishing.

“6 passes to a section”

“Work up through the speeds then back down”

“Only pair X polish with X colour pad”

“Rotary polishers are dangerous

Whilst, in very specific scenarios these rules could be applied to machine polishing, combining them into a fixed working regiment means you are only using perhaps 30% of your machine’s capability, taking longer to complete work and delivering lower results than your potential.

In “Introduction” we strip back to basics and rebuild your working knowledge of a machine polisher style of your choice – so it doesn’t matter if you already use them, have been using them for a long time or you’ve never picked one up before.

Perhaps you have been using rotary for years, but want to start with long throw dual action or forced drive, or you’ve always used the latter but have been cautious to pick up rotary because of scare stories and nowhere to get a toe hold in practical technique.

From basics like machine actions and their intended purposes, to pad and compound technology, paint assessment and paint types, we show you just how much further you can push your paint correction skills with various adjustments and guidance from experienced instructors who teach the subject day in and day out.


The course is one day and booked to suit your calendar with our online booking tool, and whichever machine you choose you will leave us with the confidence to push your correction skills to the next level, with better efficiency and a greater understanding of the capability that machine style affords.

Not sure? Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to chat and give you any information you need.



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