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On Your Own Terms Image

On Your Own Terms

When running a car care business it is essential to have clear and concise Terms and Conditions in place – in this article we help you think through what you need to include in yours…

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What would you do?

How do you deal with customer cancellations? In this article we look at how to manage one of the biggest bugbears for car care professionals

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Breathe Easy

We can not overstate how important PPE is for detailing – in this article we give you some top tips to keep you and your staff safe and healthy

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Manage your demons UKDA

Managing your Mental Health

Many people – realising how physical our jobs can be – are keen to look after their physical health by exercising, stretching and keeping mobile to ward off the aches and pains that are inevitable with manual work; but how many of us can honestly say that we pay the same attention to our mental health?

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Business Sustainability scales UKDA ©

Sense and Sustainability

Building a sustainable detailing business isn’t just about the figures, we look at the bigger picture and provide strategies that you can use to run your business more effectively and maintain a great work/life balance.

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Working for free

Would you work for free?

  “Whilst you’re there” – a slippery slope in business     We constantly see posts from industry professionals showing how they have “gone the extra mile” for their customers.  “I wasn’t happy with a

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Dual Action or Rotary

Where to Start – Polishers.

We are regularly asked about what machine polisher someone should invest in, so we have put together a little guide to help those select the right genre of machine for their needs.

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Competitive Pricing UKDA

Competitive Pricing

How much should I charge for a valet? A question we are regularly asked. In this blog we talk about pricing, costing, and value – with hints & tips to avoid the pitfalls.

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