Course Spotlight – Professional Motorcycle Detailing


Why do we offer a standalone course in detailing motorcycles? At a basic level they’re no different from cleaning a car, right?


Same roads = same contamination surely…?

Whilst the environments are the same, motorcycles differ from cars – aside from the obvious lack of wheels – in quite a few ways.



Surfaces and materials are a bit more complex for a start. Anodised finishes are usually a custom option on cars – however, with the amount of bare metal on bikes it’s quite common to see a protective and decorative anodized finish on frames and wheels. Using the wrong chemicals or techniques here could prove an expensive mistake to fix!



How do you safely work on bikes? If you’re not used to a range of bike sizes and styles, the safe handling and standing of motorbikes whilst detailing is something that could trip you up – and if you’ve never used a paddock stand before, it’s not something you really want to try as you go.




We also look at the intricacies – fairing removal, chain cleaning and re-greasing, perspex screen correction and a range of techniques to efficiently clean and protect motorbikes without risking a nasty insurance claim.



Why motorbikes? It’s a valuable source of additional work which, if you can demonstrate a high level of competence at it,  will potentially be attractive to a whole new audience (most of whom incidentally also own cars you can detail in addition). It’s also a great time of year to look at developing the service – people are starting to think about putting bikes away for winter, so a put to bed and wake up service is in demand and something riders are willing to spend some money on, with the potential for more involved work whilst the bike is stored for the winter



The 1-to-1 course is available at your convenience via our usual booking calendar, or we have a few upcoming Group days as a lower cost, set date option should you prefer that.



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