Reclaiming training costs

If you own an existing business, the cost of a training course could qualify for tax relief… We take a look at the criteria you have to meet for this to work though.

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There is always a lot of confusion when starting out using the variety of chemicals in the car care industry regarding what pH actually is, and how it affects the chemicals we use and the surfaces we use them on; so we thought it could be useful to put together a brief guide on what it is…

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Ultra Solid Paint

Did you get it right?   Teaser results: 15% said speed up ⇑ 85% said slow down ⇓   85% are right – Slow. It. Down. Like, 60bpm, smooth jazz lounge slow. UHS (Ultra High

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GDPR Question

GDPR for third parties

As our weekend teaser we asked: Do you need explicit permission to submit a customer email address for a coating warranty…?

As with all great questions, the answer is a clear and concise “it depends”…

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In Solvent

We see ‘VOC-free’ and ‘Water-based’ and ‘Solvent-free’ being bandied around with detailing products, but what does it all mean? In this blog we look beyond the jargon and find out what it all means.

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Weekend Teaser UKDA

What would you do?

How do you deal with customer cancellations? In this article we look at how to manage one of the biggest bugbears for car care professionals

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Photo snappery

Automotive Photography is something that inherently appeals to detailers – not only is it a great way to appreciate and showcase your work, it can become a profit centre in it’s own right. To celebrate the launch of the UKDA Automotive Photography Course, we have provided some top compositional tips for the budding shooter…

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Ceramic vs WAX

Extended post – Ceramic or Wax

  Those who follow our social channels will know every Friday we’ve been asking a teaser question to get you thinking, revealing our answer on a Monday. This time round it was one that could

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