Quick Tip – Using a bonnet stay

When polishing areas of a car around the bonnet, boot, or doors, – and especially when restoring recessed headlights – it can be useful to brace the relevant panel open to give better access and increase safety for the surrounding area – something like THIS can do the job.

Whilst bonnet stays for detailing are by no means a new thing, neither are door props for other purposes, such as for leaving pets in a car with the boot open… The difference is they’re available without a “detailing tax”, so are often far more cost effective.

If you are unable to use a bonnet stay, the next best option is to mask up delicate areas using appropriate tape such as the 3M Blue 3434 or 3M Green 401+ – we will do a future video with tips and tricks when it comes to masking up a car ready for polishing.


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