Swissvax Approved – it’s back, bigger, & better

We are in the process of developing a new assessment and approval program with Swissvax AG and Swissvax UK.

The Swissvax brand has been synonymous with the world’s finest waxes since 1930 and has built a unique reputation as experts in the field of luxury car care, and is the only brand of its type approved for use by the like of Bentley, Rolls Royce and Porsche AG.

To ensure clients get the very best service, Swissvax has always maintained a network of the country’s best detailers. The UK Detailing Academy has been tasked with updating and developing the program by Swissvax and we are readying it for its staged release over the coming months, with Approved Network Detailers receiving various benefits from exclusive product access and product discounts, to branding opportunities with the prestigious Swissvax Approved Detailer logo, event support, and promotion through the Swissvax Approved social portals.

Existing Swissvax Approved detailers will be given the first opportunity to renew and confirm their Approval status, with the program opening up to a wider audience of highly experienced detailers later in the autumn.

Approval has some restrictions, and Swissvax requires that all applying businesses have a minimum of 5 years full time trading. You will be expected to attend a 2 day one on one approval course, and all facilities must be in line with the brand’s desired image. A practical knowledge of both rotary and dual action machine polishing will be needed for the assessment, and we will need business website and social details to help assess for suitability.

If you are interested in being involved, please complete the form below:

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