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The Professional Valeters and Detailers trade association has, since 2013, promoted the values of its members as a professional body for the car care industry. Its moniker: “Skilled, Proven and Insured”, was bolstered in 2019 when it launched the first of its formal accreditation days marking a departure from the remote character assessment it had to rely on previously. Written and delivered by UK Detailing Academy to cover all existing and future members, the accreditation day adds yet more credability to Association members as true professionals within a largely unregulated industry.

The assessment day is a two-part practical and theory session, designed not to critique individual methods, but to ensure all tasks in a basic service are performed efficiently and, above all, safely for both the professional and the public. The practical is independantly marked by asessors to a marking sheet checking members are considering PPE, Surfaces, Methods, Chemicals and Public awareness during their task. The written theory is a 109 question paper testing background knowledge which should be in the scope of every professional, from dilution ratios, to correct chemical usage.

The day can be booked by application via the PVD website and is open to every car care professional in the UK subject to the necessary criteria being met.

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