Level 2

Lasts 2 days.

Following your introduction skills learnt in level one you will be progressing onto more advanced machine polishing and cleaning techniques. Machines introduced at this level include forced rotation dual action polishers, every inception of Dual action polishers, both in throw and size. We’ll also look at pad types, heavy cutting options and defect identification to assess what can be rectified and how. Interiors are explored in greater depth with higher yield services with dry steam cleaning, odour removal, leather protection and treatment, and stain removal with the associated chemistry.

• Pad types
• Compound grades
• Rubber and plastic protection
• Coatings after-care
• Polymer and PTFE exterior LSPs
• Glass sealants
• Troubleshooting
• Accreditations
• Financial management
• Insurance
• Marketing
• Pricing
• Spot Sanding
• Targeting your customer base
• Safe working practice
• Workshop planning
• Intermediate chemical knowledge
• Efficiency and time management
• Matte finishes
• Environmental considerations
• Advanced cleaner chemistry
• Bonded overspray and concrete
• LSPs
• Engine bay detailing
• Plastic trim restoration
• Odour removal
• Steam cleaning
• Stain removal & chemical principles
• Fabric and leather protection
• Paint types and their principles
• Long and short throw DA machines
• Forced action machines
• Lighting
• Defect identification

Following the course, further case studies and exercises will allow the knowledge to develop further as you use it over a 3-6 month period, after which the Level 2 exam is sat to award certification.


£750 + VAT


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