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The UKDA Marketing & Business Course is designed for owner-operator car care professionals wishing to optimise the commercial aspects of their business. It is perfect for existing or fledgling businesses who need to step back and assess their market and customer target – perhaps due to a downturn in volume, or just to refresh the company books.

The course is a one-to-one session that looks at the candidates existing business, analysing the services offered, marketing strategy, and online presence. It is specifically tailored to the car care industry, run by a team with more than 42 years professional experience in the trade.

The primary goal is to help candidates evolve their business into a more efficient, sustainable and profitable enterprise without compromising on the quality of services provided.

Areas of focus include:

  • Customer Analysis- Who are the customers you want? How do you access them and how do they find you? What services should you offer them?
  • Online Presence- How do you make social networks work for your business? How do you optimise your website to ensure it ranks on Google searches?
  • Business Presentation- How do you present your services to potential clients? What impression do clients get from your business appearance and profile?
  • Customer Retention- How do you build long term relationships with customers? How do you create a stable base of regular work without compromising?
  • Business Management- How do you reduce the time wasted with no-shows and bad payers? How do you manage your time efficiently between your different roles as a business owner?
  • Financial Analysis & Planning- How do you know where you are making the biggest net gains, and where your costs can be optimised? Do you have a quarterly target and long-term business plan? Do you have contingency and exit plans in place?

The course is structured so that all the above areas and more are covered during the day. However, there is time set aside to focus on areas of particular interest or relevance to the candidate. This includes an extended session on search engine optimisation or financial planning – whatever the candidate would like to work on or what areas that have become apparent during the first part of the day that would benefit from further attention.

By the end of the day, candidates should have a clearer plan of where their business is going and how they will get it there. As part of the course, some tangible objectives will be set out for the following three months. The course cost includes a 30 minute telephone session after two to three months to catch-up on progress and offer any further advice needed.


£ 375.00 + VAT
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